Shipping Info

Here at WHO EVEN IS SHE you are lucky enough to receive FREE shipping on all orders (I know, what a score) 

Shipping costs for countries outside of the UK are determined at checkout but we try to keep those as low a cost a possible, so no drama's in that department. 

Our item's are shipped from warehouse's all over the world, sometimes you'll get the option of where you would like the item to be shipped from - it's advisable to choose the nearest to you.

some of our more obscure items are shipped from quite far away lands, therefore the shipping can take up to 6 weeks on certain products, though most products you should be able to expect to be delivered in 14 days or so. 

If you don't receive tracking details on purchase feel free to contact us, and we'll do our best to find them. 

With this in mind make sure you order in as much advance as possible to avoid disappointment.